Welcome Kathy Kay Energy, LLC

It is my pleasure to announce that Kathy Kay Energy, LLC  ‘Energy on Wheels’ is now practicing out of a stationary studio here in the Kindred Spirit Center–in addition to her ‘Energy on Wheels’ practice.  Kathy has long-time connections with the Center, and it feels…

Birth Chart of Kindred Spirit Center

We’re 10 Today!

Kindred Spirit Center opened its doors ten years ago today.  Three kindred-spirit, holistic-practitioner women started it, and others followed and continued. I am appreciating and celebrating all kindred spirits who have been a part of this center’s success–those who hold studio space here today, and…


Need a quiet place to work? to write? to meditate and recharge in? to create and build your business? Limited monthly memberships are available. Contact Anne Wondra at WonderSpirit to inquire and apply.