by Anne Wondra
Kindred Spirit Center was simply a shared address within a larger office building, so holistic women wellness practitioners could have an affordable space to work out of.

2006. Three women (me, Dani Sutliff, and Sharon Hintz-Lutz) were looking for studio space and found this one, with a room for each of us. We gave it a name, Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness, and later shortened it to match our website, Kindred Spirit Center. We were never a legal entity as a group.

2007. Dani and Sharon moved on; I stayed.

2009. A new lease arrangement was agreed upon that allowed this Kindred Spirit Center to continue. That ‘Birth of a New Creative Impulse’ date was used in creating the astrological influences art chart here. Martha Bache-Wiig, artist an amazingly insightful wise woman, happened to be working out of KSC then.

Birth Chart of a New Original Creation – by Martha Bache-Wiig

Kindred Spirit Center Chart Detail. Keynotes: The Birth of a New Creative Original Impulse (M Bache-Wiig 5/2010). Keynote: Slow, steadfast, responsible growth. Saturn = ‘Handle’ of Bucket Patten in chart. Social Purpose which requires discipline and selectivity. The Sun and Mercury. Mercury is one of the Governing Planets of this chart, conferring a heightened ability to grasp new ideas and communicate them to others (in Aries in 8th House). Keynote: Inspiration grounded in common values. Venus. Venus is the Esoteric Ruler of this Entity, bringing in New Symbolic forms to Traditional Images. In Conjunction with the Sun in Aries in the 8th House, it confers a strong attractive force towards transformation. It requires vigilance regarding the correct use of power on an unconscious level. Keynote: Love and beauty are created when we transform our motivations from “I” based to “We” based.

CLOSED in April 2023

All good things have a shelf life. Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness (Kindred Spirit Center) opened in April 2006. In April 2023, it closes. In those 17 years, more than 17 women have launched, started, explored, created, continued, and materialized heart- and spirit-centered, independent entrepreneurial endeavors in a shared space. I am full of gratitude and in awe, and proud of everyone who was part of this space and life chapter with me: (see names below in–no particular order)

What’s next? TBD. Author Joan Borysenko once wrote that one has to keep taking steps forward until the next horizon is visible. Tha shared physical office suite space is closed. Tha kindredspiritcenter.com domain and website is awaiting its new vision.

Blessings and warmest regards – Anne Wondra, Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness co-founder / facilitator / follow-your-heart-and-soul coach, 2006-2023.

Picture above: Birth Chart of a New Original Creative Impulse 2009 uses tha 2009 date that I took over tha Kindred Spirit Center lease. The art piece came home with me last week. – Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit, April 28, 2023

Martha Bache-Wiig

Nicole Isler

Kathleen Eull

Lois Reetz

Sara Joy

Kathy Clegg

Edna Wilson

Kathy Kangas

Colene Smith

Debbie Schubring

Lynn Williams

Vivian Probst

TheoPro Consulting

Jade Seeley

Susan Hodges

Sue Katzuba

Kornelia McIntosh

Kayla Clark

Joan Raveling

Vicki Jezak

Samantha McIntosh

Anne Wondra

ART credit: Birth of a New Original Creative Impulse (Martha’s words), a new step forward, for me and those who then shared this space with me.

Martha Bache-Wiig was one of those resident studio practitioners at the time.  She’s also a gifted interpersonal astrologer / artist / anthropologist /counselor / writer who created that beautiful art piece above to memorialize the significance and work of this space….

In joy!

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit, LLC

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