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Birth Chart of a New Original Creation - by Martha Bache-Wiig

by Anne Wondra

Kindred Spirit Center is simply a shared address.

Back in 2006, when three of us were looking for studio space, we gave it a name...later shortened to match our website.  Was never a legal entity, only a name on a lease, connected to three people--now connected to one.

Always, this has been a sacred space where women of spirit - gifted goddesses - gather, grow, practice out of, connect, create, stretch and strengthen their gifts, and expand their vision of who they are and why they're here.

Many beautiful lights have grown their businesses beyond their studio here, and I am so proud of them and happy for their success and shining light.  A few alums, for example:

I am Anne Wondra, owner and creator of WonderSpirit, LLC, known as WonderSpirit Soul Sistering.

In 2009, mine became the one name on tha lease... It was a birth of a New Original Creative Impulse (Martha's words), a new step forward, for me and those who then shared this space with me.

Martha Bache-Wiig was one of those resident studio practitioners at the time.  She's also a gifted astrologer / artist / anthropologist /counselor / writer who created that beautiful art piece above to memorialize the significance and work of this space....


Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit, LLC

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