Welcome Heart Healing Connection

Vicki Lynn Jezak - Heart Heart Connection at Kindred Spirit CenterVicki Lynn Jezak is the warm, beautiful soul of Heart Healing Connection and I’m delighted she’s part of this Center.  Here’s a bit of who she is:

Intuitive Energy Healer and Teacher

Vicki Lynn Jezak is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher who is known for her therapeutic, relaxing energy healing sessions. She connects with the other side and gently brings you peace, love and healing.  Her energy treatments balance your chakras and relieve your blocked energy centers thus raising the quality of your internal energy to the healthiest level your mind, body and spirit will allow.

Vicki offers rejuvenating energy treatments through Heart Healing Connection.  A typical session lasts an hour while you remain fully clothed, relaxed, safe and enjoying peaceful meditative music.  You will find her treatments both healing and rejuvenating.

Vicki received her training from Reiki Master Teacher, Caroline Loose, who was formally trained under Barbara McCullough, one of the 22 Masters of Hawaya K. Takata. Takata brought Reiki to the United States of America.  Vicki is also a Reiki Master Teacher and offers classes to those interested in learning this wonderful healing modality. For more information, contact Vicki at 262-470-1214.

You’ll love meeting her in person and feeling her heart healing gifts.


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