We’re 10 Today!

Kindred Spirit Center opened its doors ten years ago today.  Three kindred-spirit, holistic-practitioner women started it, and others followed and continued.

I am appreciating and celebrating all kindred spirits who have been a part of this center’s success–those who hold studio space here today, and those who have used this as a starting place and created their own great places, or whose journeys took them elsewhere.  It truly is a sacred place to grow oneself and become more of who one is inspired to be:


If I forgot anybody, it is so not intentional…

Blessings and gratitude extend also to all who have gathered here for classes, groups, and private sessions, who have come through these doors,  helped us grow, and who have grown themselves in the process.

All cooperative components are being assembled. – Abraham

I marvel how those who need us seem to find us…  My role has been one of holding space to grow, and encouraging each to do that their own way, to follow their heart and soul and joy.

born to stand out art in Kindred Spirit Center

Tap into your heart’s desire, something inside reaching out to expand, and explore your light. – Anne

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