Welcome Lois Reetz – Animal Communicator, Medium

Lois Reetz - Animal Communicator

Lois Reetz – Animal Communicator

Want to know how to talk to your pet?

Want to know what they’re thinking?

Behavior quirks or changes you’d like some insight into?

Or one that’s crossed over that you’d love some closure or peace around?

Lois Reetz joins the Kindred Spirit Center in October

Starting with two classes: one for those who want learn how to talk to their pets; and a second ‘Gallery’ event for those who would like her to connect with a pet or person who has crossed over.  She’ll also be available for private appointments.

I met Lois several years ago when this little black cat was having some behavior issues.  A psychic fair happened to be nearby that Sunday and Lois was the animal communicator.  I brought a picture along, and from that, Lois was able to connect and communicate with our little cat and find out what was upsetting her–and energetically take it away in this case.  I remember Lois told us that our cat would be different when we got home.  And she was!  Much more calm, less skittish; and the behavior issue was gone.  Today, Mo is sweetheart, plops down and stretches out for her morning petting session, purrs, plays, and curls up on a lap or close by.

I am once again, sincerely honored and excited, happy, blessed, humbled… to add another kindred spirit practitioner and her healing gifts for you here.

She also goes by the title:  ‘The Midnight Medium” … as her remote-work hours are sometimes in the night.

Contact Lois directly to sign up for one of her classes or inquire about services.


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